Weekly Update 1

Weekly Update 1

I spent a lot of time thinking about software. 

Specifically, software design. Or what makes good software good, and what makes bad software bad. 

And also why the process of making software, which is also software in itself, can also be good – but can also be bad. For example, some development tools, which devs use to create software – can be really awesome and helpful – things like git, or Firebase. Others, like Android Studio or Java can be a nightmare to work with. 

The same can be said of course, for consumer applications. NYU Albert is terrible software – no one enjoys using it. And Slack, for the most part, is well designed software – it serves a purpose, and does it well, and looks good doing it. 

I would like, for this class, to study ‘What makes good software’, or even ‘what makes  a good product’ – and then spend some time building something using what I learned in hopes of creating what I can proudly consider good software.

Some quick ideas for this: 

First, a programming language. A simple to use, learn, and create things with, especially for beginners.

Second, an actual software product. I have a couple ideas for this, but would generally involve picking some problem I want to solve, designing the UI/UX, building it out, and then launching it out to the world to see if I can can get some users. 

One potential idea is a ‘launchpad’ for startups – essentially, a website that will help startups come up with and register a name, get a logo design, and create a website. Needs some work, but something along these lines. 

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