Review One

Review One

The battle of application launchers on Windows.

I chose to do this review about an interaction that I have dozens of time every single day – launching an application on my Windows machine. Launching an application seems like a fairly straightforward interaction, as it should be, and I am always very annoyed by how Windows handles it. Here, I show the default way to launch applications on Windows, using the default Start menu, versus a custom application launcher called Wox. 

Windows Default Start Menu: 

  1. Automatically searches using BING
  2. automatically opens EDGE
  3. Too large – takes up most of screen, for simple search
  4. Not optimized for keyboard

Introducing Wox Launcher

  1. Searches using custom browser & search engine
  2. Fully customization with custom scripts & plugins
  3. Automatically searches files, folders, & settings

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