First Prototype

First Prototype

I am very interested in the concept & interaction of the Mirror, and am really inspired by the interactive mirror at ITP. 

I’d like to create something digital though, which allows for more flexibility in the design, or even a design that changes over time. ie, the design of the mirror changes as people get closer to the mirror, or if there are more people in the view. 

One idea for a design is that all of the pixels in the mirror can be also be a smaller mirror, so the entire image is made up of smaller images, creating a pseudo-infinite effect. 

One of my primary goals for this project is to create it very accessible. It should work with anyone in the frame, with no instruction required – and definitely should not be like the Kinect, where it doesn’t work if someone is wearing a hat or something. I also love the idea of opening it up to the world, so that anyone else can experience it, simply by visiting a website – should require no setup, should work offline, and on every device.

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