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Shpaces Project Documentation

Introducing… Shpaces, a productivity app for all your other productivity apps 🚀 Shpaces follows the philosophy that all of the information regarding a single project or task should be...
By rashidaziz in Senior Design

beta & demo feedback

I completed the demo build of the product – here is what is it looks like: This initial release showcased the idea behind Shpaces, as a way to organize online tools for different projects, by...
By rashidaziz in Senior Design

the future of desktop interfaces

AKA, designing and building a fake operating system in 3 months. For this project, I’m going to work on something I have been thinking about for a long time – why desktop UI’s are...
By rashidaziz in Senior Design

Weekly Update 1

I spent a lot of time thinking about software.  Specifically, software design. Or what makes good software good, and what makes bad software bad.  And also why the process of making...
By rashidaziz in Senior Design