beta & demo feedback

I completed the demo build of the product – here is what is it looks like:

Beta – April 1

This initial release showcased the idea behind Shpaces, as a way to organize online tools for different projects, by creating custom workspaces. I’m still trying to find a simple way to describe the product. I have a few ideas:

  • A Productivity Tool for all your productivity tools
  • Organize your tools into custom workspaces
  • Create custom dashboards for your projects & tools

I’m still trying to figure out which one to stick with – the first one is more of a catchy tagline, but doesn’t really say much. I’m leaning towards the second one – it seems to be a simple way to describe the product – but it’s still something I would like to improve.

The feedback from people was incredible.

First thing I noted is that I would always begin by describing the problem. This was met with good responses, as most if not all of the people I spoke to very actively experience the problem daily – managing the many different tools, spread across different projects.

( I also realize that this leads to another problem – that information too, is spread across different applications)

Upon revealing the solution, I was usually met with really good reactions. Many people, quite immediately, mentioned “hey, I would actually use this!”, which honestly felt really good to hear 🙂 Many people spoke about how they faced the same issue often, and a tool like this would be really useful in organizing their own classes or projects. I took this to be a good idea that the problem was definitely a real pain point, and that my solution was definitely something viable and interesting.

In terms of the product itself, I received generally positive feedback about the interface – so far, I have kept it as simple and clean as possible, with minimal distractions. I’m concerned that as I add expand the core functionality, it will get more difficult to maintain this level of simplicity.

I also received important feedback about additional feature requests – the largest one, by far, is integration into the native file system – essentially, allow people to add folders and files, so in addition to line tools, the shpace can also integrate the local desktop environment.

In terms of the how I would like to proceed:

  1. Finish the core feature set (adding & removing custom widgets)
  2. Add native integration (local files & folders)
  3. Create custom widgets (Notes, To-Do, Links, etc)

I believe with the three core features above, I will be ready to launch a public beta.

I am honestly very excited about the response I’ve gotten thus far. It seems that this is something people really see themselves using quite often, to make it easier to navigate their projects.

Lastly, and most important – people love the name! 🙂

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