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Shpaces Project Documentation

Introducing… Shpaces, a productivity app for all your other productivity apps 🚀 Shpaces follows the philosophy that all of the information regarding a single project or task should be...
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beta & demo feedback

I completed the demo build of the product – here is what is it looks like: This initial release showcased the idea behind Shpaces, as a way to organize online tools for different projects, by...
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the future of desktop interfaces

AKA, designing and building a fake operating system in 3 months. For this project, I’m going to work on something I have been thinking about for a long time – why desktop UI’s are...
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Weekly Update 1

I spent a lot of time thinking about software.  Specifically, software design. Or what makes good software good, and what makes bad software bad.  And also why the process of making...
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First Prototype

I am very interested in the concept & interaction of the Mirror, and am really inspired by the interactive mirror at ITP.  I’d like to create something digital though, which allows for...
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Review 2

Universal Principles of Design Definitions Hierarchy of Needs Design must serve the low-level needs (function) before the higher-level needs Functionality → meet basic design requirements...
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Review One

The battle of application launchers on Windows. I chose to do this review about an interaction that I have dozens of time every single day – launching an application on my Windows machine....
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Creating a Memory : Unity HW

A representation of my favorite memory, from Summer of 2018 – visiting a small cafe by a pier, next to the beach and overlooking the ocean – in Bay Area, San Francisco.
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Retrospective on SCAMPER

one the main problems I have noticed within myself is that often when approaching a problem, before I even beginning to brainstorm different ideas, I have already formed a solution, and then rather...
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