Rashid Aziz

Selected Works

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Homebuying on Autopilot

Hutsy (Y Combinator S19) is a Homebuying solution for the modern age.

Visit hutsy.co to learn more.

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Automated Real Estate Transactions

FlareAgent is real estate transaction automation softare. To date, FlareAgent has processed over 2000 transactions, making it easy for real estate brokers and agent to keep track of documents and complex real estate transactions.

Visit flareagent.com to learn more.

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Creative Design & Development Agency

Sophire is a design and development studio, working with all sorts of clients including startups, small business, non-profits, and more. Our services included brand and graphic design, web development, and mobile app development.

Visit sophire.com to learn more.

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Student Developer @ NYU

As a student at NYU, I worked for the Islamic Center of NYU, as a web developer. I was responisble for upgrading the design and branding, as well as rebuilding the website to handle increasing traffic and requirements from the community.

Visit icnyu.org to learn more.

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An opensource, free, private email client.

Spacemail began as a personal project after the best email client in the world, Inbox, was tragically discontinued. I didn't try to replicate Inbox, and rather tried to create a simple, private alternative.

Visit Github to follow along the project.

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"A producticity tool for all your other productivity tools 🚀"

Shpaces began as a small personal project to replace an app I was quite fond of called Freeter, that was discontinued. I used the project as my senior thesis, and plan to continue building it as a useful tool for everyone.

Visit Shpaces.com or Github to follow along the project.

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An Interactive Art Installation

CANVAS is a my final project for an Interactive Installations course, taught by the incredible Katherine Bennet (http://www.katherinebennett.net/). The project features a visualization projected onto a screen, built using Processing, and an Xbox Kinect that tracks the position of someone hand in a room to control the brush on screen. After leaving, it would capture a screenshot and upload it to a twitter account!

Watch the demo on Vimeo or Github for the code.

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A simple, p2p env file manager

dotEnvy began as a personal project to create a simple way to sync enviorment variable using a .env file, with the teammates. I wanted to use p2p communication for sharing, to eliminate the need for severs, databases, or accounts.

Visit Github to follow along the project.